Electronic Point of Sale (EPoS) from Intelligent Retail

If you are an independent retailer in the modern age, you really need a till system which allows trade across many different online and offline channels, anything less is just adding to the work you do on a daily basis!

The Intelligent Retail Connect EPoS system is truly multichannel, meaning easy trade across many different online channels such as Amazon, Ebay and Google Products plus any other connected selling platform. eCommerce websites are catered for, as are affiliate networks and social media shops, so anywhere you want to sell, it's all possible with Connect!

King of eCommerce

The Intelligent Retail Connect EPoS system excels at eCommerce! With direct connection into Ebay, Amazon and Google Products, your stock can be easily sold via these channels, plus with integration of Magento, WooCommerce and many other websites possible as well as the availability of a dedicated eCommerce package from Intelligent Retail, Connect has online trading covered!

A new feed builder allows integration into any other online selling channel quickly and easily, so if you want to sell via Amazon product ads, Facebook shop or Twitter then this is no problem either!

Central Stock Control

The beauty of Connect is in the central stock control system which controls stock levels across all connected channels. This means all sales come from the same stock tree, so no sales can be lost, time is saved and annoyed customers are avoided.

Call Intelligent Retail

Call 0845 6800 126 to get a FREE demonstration of the capabilities of Connect, or visit the website for more details www.intelligentretail.co.uk.

Happy Shopping!


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