The Glencairn Glass Testing Set

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The Glencairn Glass Testing Set

The Glencairn tasting glasses are designed with a tapered mouth to heighten the aroma while at the same time allowing for ease of drinking. The wide bowl allows for the whisky's colour to be fully appreciated.

The glasses are married together with a robust wooden flight tray that is comfortable when holding and allows for the gentle warming of the liquid to open up the flavour and aroma.

Completing the set is the Glencairn Iona Water Jug to add a touch of water, if you so prefer.


2 Glencairn Crystal Glasses

Glencairn Crystal Iona Water Jug 250ml

Wooden Flight Tray

Gift Boxed

Dimensions: L: 15.5cm x W: 17.0cm x H: 15.0cm

Dishwasher Safe

Lead free

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